Roots and Shoots: Official Trailer for Jane Goodall Institute

I was the Director of Photography for ROOTS AND SHOOTS, a short film for the Jane Goodall Institute that will be used to promote her environmental work in Central and South America. The film was shot over five days deep in the Panamanian rainforest. We carried all the gear, including 200 lb. generators, through daily downpours, across rivers, and while walking in knee-deep mud. The humidity was so high that we had to clean and blow dry hundreds of pieces of equipment every night before packing them in boxes of silica to prevent rust from forming overnight.

Not only was Jane amazing, but so too were the exceptional young people from around South and Central America that work with her organization.

The film was produced and directed by Pituka Heilbron's company - Hypatia Films.

Director of Photography: Vance Jacobs

Cinematographer / Editor: Javier Molina

Jane Goodall Roots and Shoots - Official Trailer from Vance Jacobs on Vimeo.