Behind-the-Scenes with San Francisco CrossFit

Spent the weekend photographing a wide range of Crossfitters at San Francisco CrossFit. As a competitive endurance athlete and a two-year devotee to CrossFit, I've realized that one of the most motivating factors in my training is the people I have met and the community that naturally develops as a result of a shared goal. The goal (lose weight, get back in shape, complete a certain race) is what gets you into training, but it is the people you meet along the way that keep you going back.

It was fun to put a lot of people I've admired for a long time in front of the camera. More to come soon. Can't wait to get the final images back from the retoucher. Thank you to my great team: digitech and on-set retoucher Daryn LaBier, photo assistant Clifford Grodin and producer Alison McCreery.